1. What type of website is www.nearmyhome.in?

www.nearmyhome.in is a free online classifieds website where citizens can search advertisements mainly based on pin code but also category wise.

2. Who can post advertisements?

Any person, shop, company, office, industries, factories can post online advertisements. Even non commercial units can also publish advertisements.

3. What is the procedure to post online free advertisements?

First one has to go to menu & register. For registration, link will be sent to e mail. If one clicks the link, registration confirmed then one can log in & can post any digit of free online banner advertisements.

4. What is the procedure to search?

  • a. If you don't select both pin code & categories, all categories all over India are searched.
  • b. If you select pin code only all categories within that pin code will be searched.
  • c. If you select only category, that category ads all over India are searched.
  • d. If you select both pin code & category, search will be restricted to that pin code & that category only.
  • e. If you type only first digit of pin code advertisements of that region will be searched.
  • f. If you type only first two digits of pin code, all advertisements of that region & sub region are searched.
Likewise if you type first 3, first 4, first 5 & 6 digits of pin code search will be narrowed down to respective areas.